About Education Faculty

Wholesome Education; in fact, its education that makes the cultural, social, political, economic and security dimension of society. Education makes positive behavioral in every individual of the society.

Education faculty of Bamyan university nurtures honest, committed, responsible individuals for the society, until they be able to play their role in servicing and bringing up of the well-educated children, teenagers, and new generation.

Foundation of Education Faculty.

Foundation of education faculty is co-related with the foundation of Bamayan University in 2003. With the approval of authorities from ministry of higher education was founded with departments like; Sociology, Dari Language and Literature, History, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. On 2009 History and Sociology departments was separated and initiated with the frame of Social Science faculty, and instead of separated departments the new departments like; Psychology and English Language and Literature was founded. Also, in 2010 Department of Islamic Studies initiated with the frame of Education faculty.


Computer science and Pashto Language and Literature departments was founded with the frame of Education Faculty on 2012 and started their activities. In addition, on 2013 Faculty of Natural Science initiated its activities with departments like; Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology which had been separated from Faculty of education, and in lieu of them Educational Management and Pedagogy departments were founded with adjudication of ministry of higher education. In 2017 department of Islamic Studies was separated from Faculty of Education   and started its activities as independence faculty with Hanafi Jurisprudence and Shia Jurisprudence departments.


Existing Departments

Faculty of education has the following departments in its frame:

  • Psychology
  • Educational Management
  • Pedagogy
  • Persian Language and Literature
  • English Language and Literature
  • Pashto Language and Literature
  • Computer science



  • Educating of human resources for the realization of national ideals which is quality education at the national and international level and to eliminate ignorance.


  • Trying to provide the ground for both staff members and students quality enhancement via scholarships, Researches and course.

Aims of the foundation of Education Faculty:

  • Training educated and professional trainers for related faculties, teacher training institutes and schools.
  • Training psychologists for changing individual behaviors, treatment of psychics and opium addicted users. 
  • Researching in different fields like; behaviorism, anger, and the psychological effects of war on people.
  • Conducting research on dialects national languages and comparing of them with international languages.
  • Training scientific staff in the fields of Pedagogy and Educational Management.
  • Training young poets and writers in English, Persian and Pashto Languages
  • Training young individuals in the field of Information Technology (IT).


Strategic Goals

  1. Updating teaching methods from teacher center to student’s center, providing seminars for staff members and students by   experienced and updated instructors who are familiar with modern methods and technologies, holding research method courses, paving ground for learning from IT tools and communicating the faculties with Educational Academies, Research Academies, national and international institutes and providing internships for senior students of this faculty.
  2. Implementing quality assurance and accreditations completely in the faculty educational activities based on national and international criteria and designing the curriculum of departments on marketing based. Equipping classes with technical tools, providing therapy courses by psychologist instructors.
  3. Creating a calm and healthy atmosphere, to achieve effective and universal education, a strong commitment to freedom of expression in accordance with the country's constitution, creating an open space for expressing opinions, discussions and debates between professors and students, ensuring the transparency of the exam, meritocracy Supporting activities in various scientific and administrative dimensions.


Due to the separation of social sciences, natural sciences, and shari'ah from the body of this Education Faculty, in fact, this faculty has the status of mother in Bamyan University.




Education is the pillar and foundation of all human societies. The education of young people, especially the academic and scientific part, is considered one of the most essential elements of the progress and development of a society. The Faculty of Education at Bamyan University has always worked day and night to improve the quality of education, teaching, and research. The faculty cannot achieve the scientific, research, educational and instructional goals without implementing scientific standards, educating committed and responsible personnel at national and international level.

The academic, and administrative staff are working on appropriate activities through a suitable way to create a high quality of instruction, learning, teaching, and research standards based on the needs of society. In addition, these are performed based on the vision and mission of the faculty. The faculty members both academic and administrative, and students’ affairs hold numerous meetings on the implementation of scientific research programs, and all challenges, opportunities, weaknesses, and strengths are identified, and took practical actions. The main purpose of implementing these programs is to create a good scientific and academic environment for learning, research, promotion, capacity building and standardization of university at the national and international level.


Education faculty is a prestigious institution with a long history at Bamyan university, constructed for bachelor’s degree, and try to provide high quality of instruction and research to achieve the university goals. Furthermore, it develops the basis of professional and scientific activities across the country, fulfill the needs of professional lecturers, and provide the basis for achieving the goals of higher education. In this regard, the academic activities carry out by expert and professional cadres with the help of modern technology. Suitable instructional, and research environment are provided, and scientific ethical principles are considered, and maintained. Capacity building, and professional development of the lecturers, and enhancing students’ academic skills are considered as main priorities. 



Prof. Mohammadullah Mutamed

Dean of Education Faculty

Introduction of Dean of Education Faculty

Mohammad Allah Mutamid son of Mr. Eshaq was born in a religious family at Jaghuri district of Ghazni province in 1352 (1973). He has done primary school at Faizia high school and finished his high school studies at Abdul Ghafoor Sultani High School in the center of Jaghuri District. He has studied his bachelor degree in the field of psychology in the faculty of psychology and pedagogical science at Kabul University and completed his master degree in genre of pedagogical science at Kabul Education University. 

Initiation of governmental occupation

He has started his governmental occupation in the department of psychology faculty of education at Bamyan university as instructor in the rank of Namzad Pohanyar on 15/9/1385 (12/9/2006) and since then he is serving for children’s of our country in administrative and academic affairs. From 1389 (2010) to 1398/8/10 (13/11/2020) he has served as deputy of education faculty and from 11/8/1398 (14/11/2021) until now he is serving as dean of education faculty. He has had his educational promotion in every 3 years based on the rules of ministry of higher education and now his educational rank is Pohanwal. He has published tens of scientific and research articles in national and international journals and has done many omniscient researches on different biopsychical fields.


General Psychology


Till now he has two published authorships


A brief Background of English Department, Faculty of Education Bamyan University

Based on the needs of students and in general knowledge loving of our country men existence of English department is a need.

Bamyan university educational council on 24/2/2010 approved the establishing of English Language and Literature department on the frame of faculty of education, and on the date of 18/3/2010 creation of English department was authorized by the ministry of higher education of Afghanistan. So, English department legally initiated its activities on the spring of 2011.

The fundamental goals of English department consists of developing and implementing of curriculum with nationally and internationally criteria, performing of normative education services, scientific researches, striving of developing of English department and collaborating between department and society.   

A brief history of the Department of Pedagogy, Faculty of Education, Bamyan University

The Pedagogical Department started working at Bamyan University in the year (1392) in order to train knowledgeable and experienced experts in the field of education and train pedagogical staff for Afghan education. Among the most important goals of this department is the training of scientific and professional staff at the community level and preparing favorable conditions for practical and research work for students and graduates.

The first professors of this department, Ms. Shaista Akrami, the head of the Pedagogy Department, Mr. Yasin Mohammadi, according to the scientific and academic standards and according to the Civil Higher Education Law of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, were recruited to this department in the year (2013) as the first member of the academic staff, and in the year (2017) Honorable Mohammad Olomi was recruited and started working as a scientific staff in this department. Currently, the department has three academic staff members at the master's level. In addition to their administrative and teaching duties, the respected professors of this department have a great desire to conduct comprehensive research in various fields of education and training at the national level.

From the time of its establishment until now, Pedagogy Department has always tried to improve and complete the following basic goals:

  • Completing the members of the scientific staff of the department.
  • Providing standardized educational services.
  • Creating better academic and research conditions.
  • Improving the academic and scientific capacity of the department members.
  • Educating skilled staff according to national and Islamic values.
  • Providing an atmosphere of unity and brotherhood among the members of the department and students.
  • Development of curriculum with national and international standards.
  • Development of relations with other universities.
  • Creating facilities for quality education and scientific research.
  • Introducing the department to the national and international level.
  • Establishing the development of collaborative efforts between society and the department so that, based on this, standard graduates according to the needs of the contemporary world can be presented to society.

Department of Psychology

Establishment of Psychology Department

In 1388 department of psychology was registered, and in 1389 officially started accepting, and enrolling new students. This department is located in the faculty of education, and so far, eight rounds of students have graduated. The main focus of this department is to train the students to become proficient in educational psychology, guidance and counseling, clinical psychology, mental health, theories of personality, and individual differences. Teaching of educational psychology assist students in the area of education particularly in education sector. After learning academic, career, and family guidance and counseling, students can advice and assist individuals in need. Clinical psychology, and mental health are the important branches of the psychology department. As most of Afghans have experienced social, and psychological problems, hence, the students can assist them to overcome the difficulties.

  • Achievements

The students have successfully conducted various research projects i.e., learning styles, cause of criminal offences by adolescents, and presented their findings. The department changed the title of monographs from library-based approach to field research approach. The lecturers improved their academic capacity through attending seminars, and they conducted some research projects i.e., causes of drug addiction.

Requirements of Psychology Department

  • Shortage of human resource and capacity building
  • Continuous revision of the curriculum and preparation of learning materials according to the labor market in the country.
  • Lack of useful teaching aids (textbook, psychological testing, lack of electronic library, office, room for the lecturers, internet for the students, shortage of research for the department). 
  • Construction of infrastructure (construction of classrooms and laboratory, computer lab, library, and conference hall).

Allocation of funds for the lecturers and students to visit universities abroad to get knowledge, and experience of doing research in psychology.

Academic Staff of Psychology Department

The department of psychology have seven academic staff that three of them are currently pursuing their Ph.D., and one lecturer left the department. Hence, the department has already announced the vacancy. Now, the teaching and training are carried out by three lecturers.


  • Respecting the laws, and the Islamic values
  • Being accountable in the fields of instruction and teaching
  • Compliance with trust and justice in instruction and teaching
  • Providing quality of teaching
  • Facilitating scientific research in various fields of psychology
  • Vision
  • To train the students for the accomplishment of national ideals which is qualified education at the national, and international level and providing guidance and counseling to the school students and assist people who have social, and psychological problems.
  • Missions
  • The Department of Psychology tries to provide an environment that increases respect, commitment, and coordination for the success of the lecturers and students of this department. The department also tries to facilitate scholarship, research, and courses for the lectures and students to improve their capacity.
  • Strategic goals
  • The department provide an effective academic and educational program which enable students to develop their creative thinking and enhance their learning. The department also provides practical activities in different areas of psychology, help the people who need psychological support, and facilitate research in various psychology i.e., instruction, teaching, addiction, and other mental disorders, and create a safe learning environment. 

Strengths of Department

  • Existence of experienced, committed, and capable lecturers
  • Availability of teaching technology (LCD)
  • Coordination between departments, dean of faculty, and administrative office
  • Facilitating conferences and workshops beside the formal curriculum in various fields of psychology for the development of knowledge and experience of students and lectures.
  • Having qualified lecturers
  • Updating the syllabus and revising the lecture notes of lectures
  • Carrying out research projects in different branches of psychology
  • Access to library and availability of two computers in the library
  • Existence of guidance and counseling center

Weakness of Department

  • Shortage of vacancy for academic staff and lecturers
  • Lack of library clerk in the department
  • Lack of resources, lack of budget for the field work and shortage of classroom
  • Lack of exchange program for the students inside and outside the country.

Pashto Language and Literature Department

Pashto language and literature department was found in 2012 among other departments of Education faculty of Bamyan University. The curriculum and syllabus of Pashto department is prepared on the basis of Islamic rules and on the basis of the constitution of the Islamic Emarat of Afghanistan, to fulfill the national and international standards of educational and achieve the goals of afghan society.

Pashto language and literature department has four teachers/lecturers, all of them have M.A in Language and literature and Linguistics and all of them are currently on their duty. Till now Pashto department graduated five session of students in BA degree and all of the graduated students are serving their community.

No Name Last name Gender Academic rank Education Duty Mobile E-mail
1 Abdul Baqi Omid Male Junior teaching assistant   Head of department 700710613 Abdulbaqiomidbu@gmail.com
2 Mohammad Usman SoliZay Male Senior teaching assistant   lecturer 777707386 Usman.solizay@gmail.com
3 Mohammad Kazim Gojar niazay Male Junior teaching assistant   Lecturer 777934310 Kazim.gojar@gmail.com
4 Juma Barat MUkhlis Male Junior teaching assistant   lecturer 779619585 Jumabaratmukhlis123@gmail.com