Brief information about the Faculty of Natural Sciences

Brief information about the Faculty of Natural Sciences

Healthy education; A healthy society is actually education that builds the society from cultural, social, political, economic, security, etc. dimensions. Education is the creator of the behavior of all the people of a society.

Faculty of Natural Sciences of Bamyan University educates honest, committed and responsible people and serves the society so that, they can play a valuable role in educating children, adolescents, young people and the future generation.

Establishment of the Natural Sciences Faculty:

Departments of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology of the Natural Sciences Faculty began to operate in parallel with the establishment of Bamyan University in 2003 by the honorable Ministry of Higher Education and in the framework of the Education Faculty of Bamyan University.

In 2013, the Faculty of Natural Sciences with departments of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology separated from the Faculty of Education and began to operate.

Existing departments of

The Natural Sciences Faculty. now has the following four departments:

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Maths
  • Physics


Raising the quality of education and creating an environment for scientific research to reach the countries of the region according to the needs of the society, labor market and strengthening the education and national culture sector.


The Natural Sciences Faculty has a mission to provide committed, professional and expert people in the field of natural sciences in the undergraduate department and also in the computing departments, science centers and other relevant branches that are related to the fields of this University.

The purpose of creating natural sciences faculty:

  • Development and discovery of the knowledge level of professors, employees and training of scientific staff through teaching, research, scholarships and educational courses.
  • Developing and improving the capacity of graduates according to the needs of todays and experienced society for universities, related universities, teacher training centers and schools.
  • Providing scientific research fields for the needs of the country and active participation in the development of the country.
  • Standard teaching according to today's accepted systems.
  • Providing a suitable educational environment and offering professional and competent experts to provide educational, accounting and leadership services at the country level.

Long term purposes:

  1. Quantitative and qualitative improvement in national and international education.
  2. Full implementation of the quality assurance and crediting program.
  3. Education of the young generation and students with international Islamic and academic standards.
  4. Creating educational programs with Islamic standards and global standards.
  5. Creating a calm and healthy environment to achieve effective education, research and other scientific and Islamic activities.
  6. Creating scientific-professional coordination and cooperation with institutions and organizations that provide educational and educational services.

The message of Dean of Natural Sciences Faculty - Bamyan University

Education is the pillar and foundation of all human societies. The education of young people, especially the academic and scientific part, is considered one of the most fundamental elements of the progress and development of that society.

 The Faculty of Natural Sciences in Chukat University of Bamyan has always worked day and night to improve the quality of education, teaching, and research. The faculty cannot reach the scientific, research, educational and training goals of committed and responsible staff and enjoy high quality without implementing scientific criteria at the national and international level.

Adaptation of educational, teaching, research and other academic activities in a regular and hierarchical manner according to the needs of the society and the country. In this regard, all the academic staff and the administrative department are trying to perform the appropriate activities in the best way and achieve the basic ideals and high quality of this university.

In order to implement scientific-research programs, many meetings are held with all members of the faculty, including academic staff, administrative staff, and students, and all challenges, opportunities, weaknesses, and strengths are identified, and based on that, practical works are taken to improve. The main purpose of implementing these programs is to create a good scientific and academic environment for study, research, promotion, capacity building and university standardization at the national and international level.

The Faculty of Natural Sciences is a prestigious scientific institution with a history at the level of Bamyan University, which, having a bachelor's degree, strives to achieve the predetermined goals of the university by providing the best academic and research quality in the country.

 And in addition to the development of scientific and professional infrastructures of the country, it provides the need of professional professors and provides the ground for achieving the goals of higher education. In this direction, by using expert scientific staffs and cooperating with national and international scientific institutions, by using modern technology and providing a suitable educational and research environment by maintaining scientific and ethical principles, and by improving the scientific capacity of professors and acquiring skills Professionalism of students is one of the main priorities.

With respect

Associate Professor Bonyad Ali Moin

Dean of Natural Sciences Faculty


A Brief Information of Chemistry Department

The Chemistry department is one of the oldest and specialized department at Bamyan University. With the establishment again of Bamyan University in 2003, this department began scientific activities as a section of faculty of education. The first round of his graduates presented in 2009 from the winter course (teacher training), inside service submitted to community. Since 2013, the chemistry department as a section of Natural Sciences faculty separated for Education faculty. The chemistry department until now during 11 rounds, 436 students graduated as a bachelor degree. This department contain 6 members as scientific staff including 5 member with M.Sc education degree from India, Iran and Turkish Universities, and one member is completing PhD. Chemistry department is one of the highlight and active department in Bamyan University. In the student service, department has a laboratory for experimental work of students and a library. Department staffs are always active in the scientific research area, which has been published more than 50 research and review articles in national and international journals. Department members also written, compilation and translated new textbooks which provided to the students and enthusiasts.

Brief information about the Department of Biology

The Department of Biology is one of the oldest specialized departments in Bamyan University. With the re-establishment of Bamyan University in 2003, this department was in the framework of the Faculty of Education. The first round of graduates to the society in 2009 from the in-service winter course. From 2013, the Biology Department was separated from the Education faculty as one of key department of the Natural Sciences faculty. The Department of Biology deliver a big number undergraduate’s students to the society during 11 academic years. This department has 5 academic members, 4 of them obtained their master's degrees from Afghanistan, Iran, and India, one of the members about to finish her doctoral studies, and one is studying his master degree. The Department of Biology is one of the prominent and active departments in Bamyan University. This department has a laboratory and a library at the department level, which is at the service of students with experienced and committed faculty members. The members of the Biology Department have always been active in the field of scientific research and have published a large number of research and practical articles in national and international journals. The members of the biology department have written valuable scientific works (authored, translated and researched) as teaching materials and teaching aids and made them available to students and those interested in biology field.

Brief introduction Of Mathematics Department

The Department of Mathematics is one of the oldest departments of Bamyan University, which was officially started in 2003 under the framework of the Ministry of Higher Education. Subsequently, with the separation of the Natural Sciences Department from the Education Department in 2013, it operates within the framework of this department. The Department of Mathematics has had 11 rounds of graduates since its establishment. There are 9 professors in the staff of this department.

Mathematical science is the science of order and its purpose is to search and find the understanding of order hidden in phenomena. The basic tools of this science are the concepts that help us to describe this order. The task of mathematical science is to regularize the experiences observed in creatures. And also, the science of modeling to other sciences. The common language of scientific theories of different sciences is mathematical science.

All human beings use a lot of mathematical knowledge in their daily life. On the other hand, mathematics is the basis of science and engineering, and all disciplines that have a scientific basis are somehow involved with mathematics and use it, and the more specialized a job becomes, the more it depends on mathematics, for example, electronic engineering from functional analysis and processes They use random or planned statistical content. Therefore, due to this importance, the training of experts in mathematics is very important because the advancement of technology requires mathematical knowledge.

The field of mathematics has pure and applied mathematical trends. Applied mathematics is a branch of mathematics that has a specific practical application. For example, it is used in economics, computer, physics or statistics and probability, and pure mathematics is also called a branch that deals with mathematical theorizing.

A person who decides to study mathematics must be very patient and not angry that he spends a lot of time solving problems, because this field requires a lot of time and those who are interested in this field should study mathematics. They have been successful in school. It is also necessary for those who want to study this field to be mentally prepared to absorb new ideas and be able to understand patterns and order and solve unconventional problems. It means to have a scientific spirit, critical thinking and analytical ability.

Introducing the Department of Physics

Physics is the science of knowing general and general laws governing the behavior of matter and energy. Physicists' persistent efforts in this way have led to the discovery of many basic laws, the expression of theories, and familiarity with some natural phenomena. Despite these successes being small compared to the number of unknowns, the all-around and fast-paced efforts of scientists have created a lot of hope that humans can find out the secrets of existence. Now, many topics and areas of physics have practical implications and have been effective in the practice of physics technology. Among others, we can say, physics in communication technologies, transportation technologies (land, sea, air, and space), production technologies (agricultural-industrial), mining technologies, construction technologies and machines, and educational technologies for mechanical knowledge. It is related to electricity, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, nuclear physics, optics, health physics, and medical physics. Many branches of physics are directly and indirectly effective in the production of equipment and educational media and their methods. Basically, any learning takes place through the senses and in relation to the environment, and physical science has been able to greatly increase the ability of our senses and connect us not only to our surroundings but also to unseen and distant times and places. The Department of Physics is one of the branches of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, which was established in 2003 in the framework of the Faculty of Education, according to the wishes of the science-loving society of the people of Bamyan Province and the need for scientific and cultural institutions. Attracted and started his activity. That after spending seven years in the framework of education and training, in 2013, this department was separated from the faculty of education and training in the framework of the Faculty of Natural Sciences. This department witnessed nine rounds of graduates from its students, these students are working with all government bodies, from academic staff to school teachers.